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The Duality of Man (And Woman)

Choices.  We all have them.  What should you wear today?  How do you style your hair?  Do you shave your legs? Should you grow a beard?  Do you like mustaches?  What if they’re on women?  What should I eat for lunch today?  This is the beauty of being human – the ability to choose.

Today, I will present you an argument for my own personal ideology that may or may not bother you.  Most people who will oppose my view will cite murder as their #1 reason.  Sure, there are lots of other arguments against my stance but that’s the most common one I hear.

In support of my belief system:

  1. You can’t take away everyone’s rights because of a minority of the population.
  1. Even if it’s illegal, people will find ways to get one.
  1. If it’s not right for you, you don’t have to get one.
  1. I should have options. What if I’m being raped? What if my life is in danger?  Don’t I get to decide how best to handle these situations?
  1. It says in the Constitution that this is my right. You may not interpret it that way, but many politicians and the court system have cited the Constitution and have supported my right and I fully intend to fight to keep it.
  1. There are already enough laws in place regarding this. Perhaps too many laws.
  1. I will do what is best for me and my family. I will make the choices that make sense to me.  I will consult whoever I feel like and I will live with the consequences of my choices.
  2. Just because I support someone’s right to decide on their own whether or not to have one doesn’t mean I’d ever get one or  think that other people should get one.  It’s really up to me.  If I don’t ask you about it, you don’t say anything.  Got it?

Oh. My. God.  Am I pro-choice?  Am I pro-gun owner rights? Both?  You don’t know because the arguments are the same.