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Ah, Twitter…

I’ve long been a fan of social media.  Back in the days of MySpace, I used to write every single day.  I was kind of a big deal over there and was often ranked in the top ten blogs daily.  I made some amazing friends, many of whom I’m still close to today.

I was reluctant to move to FaceBook because the blogging interface was different and the “comments” section just didn’t hold up to what I was used to.  But I moved anyway and tried blogging here and there, posting links and trying to get my friends to come over to the other side of the fence.  I found it was easier to make a comment on FB and respond back and forth via comments there than in a blog somewhere.  However, because of the more personal side of FB, I wasn’t able to meet new people and bring more into my “inner circle”, and no, I’m not talking about my vagina.

What you need to understand about me is that I have HUGE amounts of social anxiety.  While I have a need to interact with people, I also have a need to be alone, in my own space, having conversations on my own timeline.  It’s what helps me stay connected to the world outside of my own front door.

This is where Twitter came in.  I had so much fun just reading other people’s thoughts and sharing my own.  I found some really funny people.  I found some really smart people.  I found some like-minded people.  I also found some complete assholes, but that’s not the point.  Twitter filled that need for me to meet new people, share thoughts, and laughter and whatnot.  It was my saving grace as a socially awkward introvert who wants interaction with others.  Until recently…

Somewhere along the line, Twitter stopped being fun.  I’ve met some really fabulous people, several of whom I chat with every day.  Those are the people who saw some sort of value in the silliness I offered up on there and they made the effort to say hi.  Of course, I said hi back and we’ve all been together since.  However, more and more I’m seeing people using Twitter for something other than what I use it for.  I see politics and social policy and opinions about everything under the sun have taken over.  And yes, everyone can use Twitter for however they see fit.  But when I first started following these people, it wasn’t like this at all.  It was light.  It was fun.  It was pure silliness and I ate all of that up.

Suffice it to say as they got more and more serious, I felt left behind.  Not because I don’t have opinions.  Not because I didn’t feel I couldn’t keep up.  No, I can blow nearly everyone away in those areas if I chose to.  I felt left behind because all I want from Twitter is fun and interaction.  I thought I had found that with this wacky group of people and then, for the most part, it was all gone.

That’s when I knew it was time to leave it behind.  Take the true friends I had made with me on email and instant messaging programs, some even on FaceBook, and walk away from the Twitter life, at least for a while. I’m sure I’ll eventually sign back on, which is why I didn’t delete the account. However, for now?  I like my world to be happy and bright.  There’s enough arguing and drama in my own day-to-day life.  I don’t need to read it where I go to laugh.

So, whatever.  I’ll miss the Twitter, but perhaps I’ll find more time to spend talking to the people I like – who actually make an effort to like me back.  If that’s you, thank you.  I’m always around, somewhere.