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Controversy Sweeps the Nation!

When I first heard about the situation, I sat in abject horror, staring at Twitter, wondering why I hadn’t heard it before I logged on. Wasn’t this news? How could this happen? It spread like wildfire, taking over social media until you had to be living under a rock to escape its reach. I remember thinking, “Have we, as a society, really sunk this low as to become so obsessed with something that social media has examined, debated and saturated us with?” The opinions on the entire thing vary from full-fledged support to unwavering condemnation for any or all involved. Human nature, both at its best and worst, laid open and bare for everyone to see and dissect. Even among close family members, the reaction to the news varies, calling up the nature vs. nurture debate in how we view societal issues.

It has caused a strong divide between people, threatening the fabric of unity that this country tends to use as a source of pride; The United States (stress on United), “One nation…indivisible”. Yet with one situation in a world filled with similar situations that have simply fallen under the radar, we have developed tunnel vision, vilifying people we don’t know and criticizing those with differing opinions. Everyone wants their opinion heard, hoping to somehow right the wrongs as they spiral out of control. Oh, to be the one to say the magic words that helps, heals and makes sense of a racy and uncomfortable situation that doesn’t seem to make any sense.

With these opinions, comes the refusal to see errors in our own thinking, even when pointed out with tact, grace and respect. Depending on which media outlet one frequents, the opinions become cemented in our minds and we’re acutely aware that everyone else is wrong. The old idea that “I could do this better. I could handle it fairly where others can’t”. That myth exists across all walks of life, when truthfully no one really knows jack shit. In our quest to support our own ideals and how the tenants of truth, justice and the American way should play out, we shut out information that simply does not support our own thoughts and values.

What are we hoping to prove? That we’re more open-minded that those around us? That we can jump on a bandwagon and ride it through, regardless of how many wrong turns it takes, how many bumps in the road it hits, and how future events may unfold? This is a cycle of terror to think that, in some respect, each of us may be wrong.

One of the most dividing pieces of this spectacle has been the question, “who is our guy? Who do we entrust with this?” Everyone had expectations, and it really didn’t matter WHO was charged with this, not everyone would be happy. We decided what he should look like, sound like and act like. But the decision isn’t ours to make. The higher ups named the man, chose the one who would spearhead this and give it a satisfying ending. Many people had no idea who this guy was, so they scoured the internet, for more information about who he was, what he’s done before with the hope of predicting a major fail or a decision that this might turn out ok.

Then came the announcement that this guy wasn’t going to work out, and the powers that be announced that “THIS is our new guy” and gave us a fresh, new face. People had to start all over with trying to find out everything they could about yet another seemingly unknown player in this saga. We still don’t know if this guy is right for the job, but it’s who we have. He’s the new face of this controversial situation, like it or not. Never has the world cared so much about someone they’ve never heard of, and yet no matter what side of the fence you fall on, you do have some type of morbid curiosity to know more.

I don’t have any of the answers. I’m still appalled that something like this could actually happen. I’m sad that people buy into the hype on such a level that serves to present them as judgmental, sometimes pretentious, and always unyielding to information and circumstances that don’t seem to support their own ideals.

Like everyone else, I have an opinion. I’m going to share it and not apologize for it. It is rooted in years of first-hand experience and an overarching sense that all people deserve to be treated with respect. This situation is complete bullshit and is not doing any favors to future generations in terms of teaching them how to have a better life or healthier relationships. So here it goes:

I’m glad Charlie Hunnam turned down the lead in Fifty Shades, because I really think he’s hot as fuck and I find the book utterly disgraceful and insulting to those in healthy S&M relationships. I don’t know who the new guy is and I don’t care because I’m not seeing the movie. I’m still unsure why anyone would be interested and a fan of this portrayal of a dysfunctional and unhealthy relationship. But if you can’t see that for what it is, I’m not going to be able to change your mind. All I can honestly say is that I hope you enjoy the show.