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Screw Lables

What kind of place would the world be if we left political, racial, sexual orientation and religious descriptors out of the media completely, unless absolutely necessary? Would we love more and hate less?  Would we be more or less at ease around our neighbors? Why do we fear what is different?  I blame the media because they’re giving out information in ways that fosters a sense of hate in this country. It’s really pretty disgusting, if you think about it.

Why does it matter what religion a person who shoots up a place is? Why does it matter what color they are? Why does it matter who they voted for in the last election? The fact of the matter is whoever they are, whatever description you give of them, they are an asshole. Just say that. “A complete asshole went on a shooting rampage today…” Or “A bunch of assholes decided to take over a federal building in Oregon”. Facts are facts. The rest doesn’t matter.

You have to realize that a majority of the people who think all Muslims are terrorists get this idea from the media, because that’s how it’s portrayed. Why did we ever need to know what religion a terrorist was in the first place? Call them terrorists. Call them jihadists, call them anything but a religious name.  You say it’s OK because you’re putting the term “radical” or “extremist” with it. I say people don’t hear those adjectives. They hear Muslim or Islam and that’s really all. Kind of like when I say to my kid, “if you get your chores done before 2:00 we’ll go have ice cream. You know what he hears? “At 2:00 we’ll go have ice cream.” This is not a new concept.

I don’t give a fuck if a person arrested for this crime or that crime is a white guy or an African American or Hispanic or anything else for that matter. I don’t really care about his religion.   Just tell me Jack Billings knocked over the liquor store and was arrested. THAT IS ALL I NEED TO KNOW. Now, if there’s a dangerous man or woman at large, then yes, I probably should know what race (s)he is.

Now, political affiliations. If you are stupid enough to believe that everyone who identifies with Republicans is a rich, religious person who hates gay people, you are a moron. Likewise if you think every person who identifies with Democrats is a lazy, bleeding heart who thinks they shouldn’t have to work hard for anything. I say we do away with these labels. I would like to be known as believing in individual concepts as opposed to all-encompassing labels. Something like, “I support the everyone should be treated equally and have the same opportunities and punishments as everyone else party”.

I guess I really just hate descriptive labels that don’t allow for variety. I don’t like being put into a box because I’m a white woman who tends to vote for Democratic candidates and am pretty much on the fence about religious things. And holy shit, I’m sorry I’m white, ok.

We need to be very careful with what kinds of attributes we’re assigning to people who are not shining examples of good Americans, because we’re starting to lock everyone into a pre-defined role in life due to their religion, political affiliation, race, sexual preference, gender identity and whether or not the liked Fifty Shades of Gray.

I am an unapologetic, democrat-leaning, white female who hated the fuck out of Fifty Shades of Gray. Having told you that, can you assume anything about me, how I live my life, or raise my son? Can you accurately say if I have a criminal record? Am I mean to people or kind? Do I think we should grant citizenship to every person who is currently in this country? What do I think of Syrian refugees? What do I think about bratwurst? Microbrew beer or macrobrewed? Do I like wine? Do I like getting pedicures? How do I feel about shoes? Makeup? Shopping? Who do I think is responsible for JFK’s assassination?

The point is, you don’t know. All of those earlier descriptions don’t matter – they don’t tell you one single thing about me. So, why do we let them form our opinions about complete strangers? Obviously, I’m irritated.



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4 thoughts on “Screw Lables

  1. I thin you covered it and I wonder the same shit these days its funny how much hatred and racism I have discovered the last few months on my FB people I have talked to for 3 to 5 years their true colours have come thru . Good read .

  2. It’s 9pm. Do we get ice cream now?

    I hate labels. Except for at the ice cream store. I like them to label the creams.

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