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15 in ’15


    • There’s no way to be fully prepared for your child to discover there is no Santa, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.


    • There are very few limits on what I’ll do for people I love.  But when those limits are broken, I’m done.


    • Sometimes the things you need to hear are the things someone else can’t or won’t say. This is what breaks hearts.


    • Always be aware of the time someone has given you. It’s the most precious thing they have.


    • It’s OK to say no to the people who don’t support you.


    • If you have to ask constantly, it’s not worth knowing the answer.  In fact, you probably don’t want to actually know that answer.


    • It’s not easy to walk away from things that once meant the world to you, but it’s often necessary.


    • Sometimes the right thing for your overall well-being is the exact opposite of what your heart convinces you that you need.


    • People can say nice things about you to others, but it’s always better if they say them to you – that’s how you know your value to that person.


    • Your children will hurt your heart most days. Moments later, they will mend it and you’ll be reminded why you do all of the things you do for them.


    • Being alone is not awful. Being lonely is.


    • “Time heals everything” is a bullshit saying. Some things don’t heal – you just handle them better over time.


    • If someone hurts you, tell them. If they don’t make an effort to change, they don’t feel you’re worth it and that’s okay.  Just be sure you realize they aren’t worth your efforts in return.


    • 11-year-old boys grow entirely too tall, far too quickly.


    • Life is full of failures. Getting up and trying again is how you know you’re alive. If I quit every time I failed, I wouldn’t be here today or tomorrow or the day after.


Mom - Check! Multiple Sclerosis awareness fanatic - Check! Total Dork - Check!

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