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I say “fuck” a lot in this piece (Old piece)

I have some thoughts about the upcoming presidential election.

This fuckstorm of an election has really got me uppity. If you’re a Republican, you’re bashing anything that Obama has ever said, done, attempted, thought about and masturbated to. You think he sucks as a human, as a leader, and you’re probably convinced that he doesn’t have America’s best interest at heart. If you’re a Democrat, you hate Romney, his money, his religion, his stance on women’s reproductive health, and the fact that he made business decisions that you wish you could have made, because then you’d be rich. You think that he’s a lying, cheating bastard who will fuck this country up enough so he can sell it to China.

I think voting is important. I think you should all get out there and vote, and it shouldn’t be a wasted vote, like writing in Chuck Norris would be. Here’s the thing – vote your conscience. Vote for what makes sense to you, individually. It may not be what makes sense to me or to your neighbors. The fact of the matter is that everyone needs to vote for the issues that make sense to them. I don’t care if you agree or disagree with me. If you’re reading this, I like you, regardless of what your thoughts on politics are. You don’t pick a candidate because he’s white, black, rich, or poor. You pick one because his (or her) ideals match yours. Maybe not all of them, but you find the things that are important to you and you go with it, then you hope the guy you vote for wins and that he’ll take you down a super-shiny road, full of happiness and Ding Dongs (or Twinkies, if you prefer yellow cake with your lard) and fix all of the problems in your life. But I’m going to tell you this straight up: whoever you vote for will fucking fail because, let’s face it, he’s a politician and not some hot mother fucker with a crossbow taking out zombies from across a prison yard.

So wah, wah, wah…Obama care sucks. Obama care is great. Obama care this. Obama care that. Here’s the reality – much like the universal health care system in Canada, the plan works well for people who otherwise can’t afford insurance and for people who rarely get injured or sick. It sucks giant donkey dick for people with chronic illness and old people. It’s not perfect. It needs a shit ton of work, but what many people ignore is that the IDEA behind it is what the majority of Americans believe in – the right for everyone to be able to see a doctor and get medical help when they need it and not have to sell their children in order to pay the bill. It’s kind of like anal sex. The IDEA behind it was sound, but I guarantee you, the first people to give it a shot didn’t have the foresight to use lube. So, don’t bash a guy for trying to slip his cock in a tighter spot. Help him out, offer suggestions, spit on that bitch – do something other than complain and say it sucks.

It’s no surprise to people who know me that I’ll be voting for Obama this year. Do I think he’s done a great job the past four years? No. Do I think anyone would have? No. Do I think he was the best choice in 2008? Yes. I can’t help but think that McCain had a choice last election year between Mittens and Fluffy Beaverhausen and she won out. What does that say?

I pick the things that are important to me today and I go down that road, hoping no one jumps out from behind a bush, delivering a falcon punch to my vagina. I’ve found more that I have problems with certain platforms, as opposed to supporting others. A short list for your reading pleasure follows, and I’m only picking the big, common ones because I don’t have the time to delve into the mysteries of foreign policy, the clusterfuck of tax issues, employment, economic fuckery, or the fact that a piece ‘Double Bubble’ has gotten much smaller over the years.

I have a real problem with anyone who doesn’t know me trying to take over my reproductive health. My OB/GYN is pretty fucking hot, and he’s about the only one, aside from me, who has any say in what happens to my girlie bits. Hey, he’s been all up in there with what felt like his entire upper torso. He’s earned that right.

I have a problem with anyone who thinks that gay marriage, domestic partnerships and the like will somehow ruin this country or wreck the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. You know what ruins the sanctity of marriage? Marrying an asshole. I can testify to that one. I fail to see how same-sex relationships could affect anyone any more negatively than my own experience with heterosexual marriage has affected me. I’m sure there’s a few of my girls who will start shouting “TESTIFY” because they’ve been there too.

I have a problem with people who try to scare others into believing that pro-choice is the same as pro-abortion. For the record, I don’t know ANYONE who thinks abortion is great and that everyone should try it. But way to go, “I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message on the electronic billboard claiming that Obama is pro-abortion.” I have a problem with anyone who would force a 12-year old who was raped by her step-father to carry a pregnancy full-term. I think you’re an asshole if you believe that would be an ok thing. You know why? To quote a favorite internet meme, “Why? Because, fuck you, that’s why.”

I think the economy is still in the shitter, I reaped the benefits of being a single parent struggling to make ends meet with nothing in my pocket other than a wad of lint, and old receipt for Rolaids and a chewed off fingernail that I was too self-conscious about to just spit onto the ground. NOTE HEAVY SARCASM GOING FORWARD. In spite of no raise for however long it’s been, increased insurance premiums, a fucked up car and owning nothing of any value what-so-ever, I got back all of the taxes I paid last year – never mind that I’ll pay more than twice as much of that back via interest on my federal student loans. For those of you playing along, that tax return lasts a single parent about a month and a half, because it’s used to catch up on medical bills, stock up on necessities and fix the aforementioned piece of shit car so that one can go to work. So fuck anyone who suggests that I don’t work my ass off. I’m willing to bet I work harder for what little I have than the majority of the people who say stupid shit about anything wrong with this country financially. Bottom line is this: I don’t give a fuck what you think. I bust my ass at work, I come home and bust my ass at home. Most nights I get 4, maybe 5 hours of sleep and I do it all over again. So before you go on about people having to work for nice things or whatever argument one may use, realize that it’s not as simple as “working hard”, because I do that, bitches.

As far as people in the general population are concerned, it really isn’t going to matter who wins this election. Half of us will be happy and half of us will bitch for the next four years. The problems we have today may get solved, but new ones will take their place. We’re never going to stand united behind one leader – there will always be people who can’t seem to do anything but talk shit about whoever is president. There will always be those who are stuck so far up one party’s ass that they simply won’t be part of anything good the opposing party may accomplish. The opposing party could organize lasting world peace and those negative people would be the ones saying that world peace is destroying the internet, because everyone is happy and loving, therefore no one needs to make the internet interesting by bitching about things.

So pick your guy, go vote and I’ll throw this in to sweeten the deal…

You’re going to need that because no matter who wins, we’re all getting fucked in the ass, one way or another. You’re welcome.



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2 thoughts on “I say “fuck” a lot in this piece (Old piece)

  1. I just wrote a two page reply to this but deleted it because it ended with just being a giant venting. I do agree with everything you posted but I don’t think anything is going to help until we get rid of all the Congress and Senate and start over. They need to be working for the people and not themselves.

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