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Either way you spell it,  it reminds me of Tiger Woods.

What is PGAD, you ask?   PGAD = Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder

“A U.K. woman has been diagnosed with persistent genital arousal disorder after falling off her Wii Fit board and damaging a nerve, the Toronto Sun reported.

“Amanda … has sexual urges up to 10 times a day since she fell. A doctor confirmed her diagnosis.

“It began as a twinge down below, before surging through my body,” Flowers told a U.K. newspaper. “Sometimes it built up into a trembling orgasm.”

“PGAD is defined as persistent sexual arousal syndrome as “intense feelings of genital congestion and sensations that are typically unaccompanied by any conscious awareness of sexual desire,” according to Dr. Sandra Leiblum, who coined the term several years ago.

“… the sensations can last hours or even days, and they truly are unwanted and intrusive.”


“She said even the slightest of vibrations, from mobile phones to food processors, turns her on, The Daily Star reports. “

(They turn me on too when I have them near my crotch.  As an aside, when Dee was here, I had my cell phone on vibrate and had it in the back pocket of my jeans.  While we were standing in line at the rental car place, someone texted me.  The darn thing started to vibrate.  I did not feel the vibration on my butt cheek – I felt it in my snatch.  I even said something to Dee about it.  True story.)

“Amanda, 24, said with no cure she has to control her passion by breathing deeply.

“Hopefully one day I’ll find a super stud who can satisfy me,” she said.”

She should look up Tiger Woods or Jesse James.  Didn’t David Duchovny have a sexual addiction as well?


Humorous anecdote.  When I went to the link above to read this story, there is a video to the left.  When you click on the video, it’s about the earthquake mayhem in China.  While that is NOT a funny situation, when paired with this story, it’s fucking hilarious.  I wonder if Ms. Flowers had an “earth shaking” orgasm.  Or perhaps the vibrations from the quake could have sent her over the edge.  Hey, you never know!

Now people, PGAD is no laughing matter.  You can read about what PGAD truly means and meet two women who have struggled with it here.

An excerpt that I have to comment on:

“Dearmon said the only way to rid herself of the uncomfortable sensations was to masturbate to three consecutive orgasm.

“My whole life had been altered. I couldn’t even go out to lunch with friends,” she said. “To achieve three consecutive orgasms takes a long time. I felt my whole life being robbed.”

Dear Ms. Dearmon:

If it takes a long time for you to achieve three consecutive orgasms, you’re simply not doing it right.  I can teach you.



I don’t know about you, but tonight, I’m getting on my Wii Fit.  I’d really like to get in touch with Ms. Flowers to find out how, exactly, she fell.  I mean if I have a medical condition, perhaps I could get insurance to pay for a whole bunch of really awesome sex toys!



Mom - Check! Multiple Sclerosis awareness fanatic - Check! Total Dork - Check!

18 thoughts on “PGA v PGAD

    1. First, you have to get on the Wii Fit and fall *just right*. I’m willing to bet this same thing can also be achieved by riding a boy’s bike and falling onto the bar repeatedly.

  1. Omg. Thats it i will be extra careful on my wii board why is it when i fell and hit my back i had to keep going pee some people have all the luck lmao.

  2. I had a female student last year that used to rock on her desk in my class until she got off. She did this ALL day long in EVERY class. All she knew was that it felt good…she didn’t know what she was doing. Once it was explained to her, she stopped. Can you imagine???? I found it disturbing.

  3. You know that story was written in my city’s newspaper – the Toronto Sun. Don’t know why but I really really loved the last line of the article:

    Flowers is single, but hopes to find a boyfriend.

    (Are you *kidding* me? A female who can orgasm on demand? Worth her weight in gold.)

    (Probably a mess at funerals though)

    1. Yeah, but Hank…what do you say when she’s needing some filling for the 15th time in a 24-hour period and you just have nothing left? I think she should find 5 or 6 boyfriends…

      1. I still have my tongue and two hands. LOL!!! I guess I would have to quit my job and make pleasuring her a full time job. haha….

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