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Bring it to me!

I think that Walgreens should have a medication delivery service.   This would be extremely helpful with antibiotics.  I understand you couldn’t send controlled substances that way,  or you’re just asking for them to be carjacked.  I do, however, think that if I need my blood thinners driven to my home at 8:30 PM because I’m too lazy to go do it myself, then they should bring it to me.

I also think that Starbucks should deliver.  They could have a fleet of trucks with little barristas inside each one.  They could pull up in your neighborhood, not unlike the ice cream man.  Grown ups would learn the sound of that truck’s music and would be able to hear it coming from 5 miles away.

While I’m at it, why don’t they deliver other helpful things, like tampons?  Immodium AD?   You know, the kinds of things where if you’re really desperate, you shouldn’t be out in a store?

What about liquor delivery?  Wouldn’t that be helpful?  you don’t want people to drink and drive, but what happens if they have a few friends over, and Juicy Ms. Lucy knocks over the bottle of Jose Cuervo while trying to show you that she can, indeed, do the crane technique, as made popular by Mr. Myagi and Daniel San?

Or what if you have a really nice looking guy friend over at your Christmas party and your drunk roommate is very much interested in groping him, so much so that she falls into him and knocks over your entire Christmas tree, shattering the very special “Pickle” ornament and knocking countless bottles of booze over?

Not that either of these things ever happened to me <insert innocent eye roll here>.

Who is going to replace those?  Why, call 1-800-LIQUORS and we’ll run some out to you!  You think that UPS and FedEx drivers see a lot of interesting things when they deliver packages?  Just imagine being a liquor delivery guy!   Oh if those walls could talk!

With these ideas floating around in my head, it’s a wonder that I am not already a multi-millionaire.  I mean, who could deny any of these things are needed?

What would YOU like to see delivered?



Mom - Check! Multiple Sclerosis awareness fanatic - Check! Total Dork - Check!

16 thoughts on “Bring it to me!

    1. Can’t you just see it now? Adults frantically trying to scrape up enough change for their favorite coffee, finding it and running outside in slippers and bathrobes just a touch too late, chasing the truck down the road yelling, “Starbucks man! Please wait for meeeeee…”

  1. Oh i love the way you think i want groceries delivered and shop on line for them. But the only grocery store that does it is Longos and they cost a fortune so alas i must pry my arse up to do groceries at the cheap store, buggers should offer the same ,and can i have Raul to be dropped off to do whatever the hell i want without asking why lol.

    1. Some places here have Peapod grocery delivery. I request it in my area daily. I figure by now they’re convinced they’ll have 9,000 customers in this area and should be moving in shortly. Do we have a picture of Raul?

  2. Every now and then you come up with an idea that you just KNOW would sell, but as Kat says, it’s the seed money…..

    I’m all over the Starbucks idea. They’re going to have to start early though.

  3. You have the find the pickle in the Christmas tree traditon? Cool.

    I think that strippers should come to your house and bring their own pole.

    1. We DO play Hide the Pickle. 🙂 I’m a good little German girl.

      Strippers should also give you a chance to flail around on said pole when they are done with the show.

  4. I like on Swingers when the beer delivery guy shows up. I always thought what a great idea that is.
    Even though Walgreens is around the corner, I hate getting in my car, starting it, buckling my seatbelt. Backing out. Turning into traffic. Driving up to the window. Telling the teller my name, paying, and then driving home.
    Ughhh what a process

    1. It IS a pain to do all of that Ally. And what about all of those people who DON’T have a drive thru pharmacy? They actually have to put on clothes of some type. No cinching a coat around your nakedness and driving down the street for them!

  5. Groceries… *nods* i bet i would spend less if I weren’t able to walk the aisles too.

    we have some liquor delivery here. Beer mostly…and most foods. I used to say i wanted Taco Bell delivered, but now that I can have i t delivered, I don’t want it. Heh. Today, I am just wishing the doctor made house calls.

    1. Well, let’s hope for a quick trip and just a “creeping crud” diagnosis and Mr. B is back on his feet in no time. Some docs still DO make housecalls. 🙂

  6. Have you seen the tool trucks that service automotive repair shops and dealerships? Trucks like Snap-On and Mac?

    My buddies and I figured we could make a mint with a shoe truck, that services neighborhoods of homemakers. I imagine it’d also do well in business sections where women in the workforce could spend time to go on the trucks and try on all kinds of exclusive shoes. Don’t tell me this wouldn’t be a high-dollar business.

    For the men, you need a mobile whore service. We never figured out if it’d work best with a giant Winnebago, or if you should just deliver the whores to whatever place the guy may have, but either way, I know that’d be a winner.

    Carry on.


  7. we have grocery delivery, liquor delivery, drug store delivery, drive through liquor store, drive through drug store, drive through grocery store…I am very blessed in the land of Houston, Texas!

    Starbucks, on the other hand, SHOULD come up with that. We have 2 companies which drive around like the taco trucks and they go to athletic events and I’d LOVE to see that instead of the icecream truck…and the truck should play music from the STarbucks radio station on XM radio so that we’d know for sure it was them too…

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