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I said no, but I knew I wanted it

I thought I would use the 30 minute span of time after the Motrin kicks in where I feel fairly normal to pen a few lines. 

I’ve barely left my bed for the entire weekend, and when I have it’s not been pleasant for me, nor for anyone having to look at me.  God help them if they say anything even slightly negative to me.  I just may rip out their jugular and use it to jump rope.    

Joshy B has kept me company, choosing to bring his laptop into my room and climb in bed with me and play while I rest. 

At one point, I asked Josh to feel my forehead.  He leaned over, put his hand on my head and said, “Mom.  You’re so hot.” 

“Oh no,” was my reply.  I made a frowny face because isn’t that what you do when someone tells you that you have a fever?

He thought for a minute and then said, “When I said you were hot, I meant that in the way that you are beautiful.  Let me check your forehead again.”

He reached out to gently lay his hand across my head, with my hair matted and stuck to my face.  “Yup.  Your forehead is hot too.” 

Then, he turned back to his game and started clicking away, talking to whatever character on the screen he is controlling at the moment.    

So with being sick, I’ve been alternating between burning hot and freezing cold.  When I’m freezing cold, my entire body hurts.  I snuggle up under 5 or 6 blankets and just drift in and out.   However, now I am afraid to go back to sleep.

You see, it’s usually someone coming to check on me that wakes me up.  Not this last time.  I was clawing at my vajayjay, as if I couldn’t wait to get to it.  I didn’t hurt myself or anything, but it seemed rather lustful.  Almost like I was trying to take advantage of myself in my sleep. 

Have you ever woken yourself up in a disturbing manner?  Have you woken yourself up  sexually?



Mom - Check! Multiple Sclerosis awareness fanatic - Check! Total Dork - Check!

10 thoughts on “I said no, but I knew I wanted it

  1. I occasionally tend to have a full body jolt and it wakes me right up. Or those rare occasions where I swear I stopped breathing for a minute…. I don’t tend to wake myself up sexually though…. I’ll leave that to you! I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself. And isn’t it great to know you’re HOT even when you feel your worst??

  2. Isn’t it great that you are so desirable that you subconsciously want yourself even when you are so sick that you can’t move? 🙂

    we all want to be like you…we just can’t pull it off like you!

  3. I once had a super hawt dream and woke during a body thrashing orgasm. I actually was so surprised that I had to look around to make sure there wasn’t someone hiding who had molested me! (There wasn’t.) That’s when I realized I’d never actually HAD an orgasm during my marriage…. sigh.

    Sorry you are icky. Make sure you keep taking fluids in, like Gaterade or even Pedialyte. Those hot sweats take your fluids just like throwing up. We don’t want you to just shrivel up like a dried prune!

  4. This is just the beginning, Kim. Wait til you turn 40. Then, you’ll be waking yourself sexually EVERY day!

    Ah, life after 40 is grrreat!;)

  5. I’ve had good enough dreams to wake up in orgasm. I’m older than you though. *snickers* Your life is comin’. You heard the story about the four sex toys and me when the youngest came home and caught me?

    Pubic, yes I said that on purpose, forum. Shut up, Dee.

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