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Oh look dear! It’s…a…um… Wow.

Occasionally, one stumbles on to a fabulous world that they did not know existed previously.  We here in America call this world, “Japan”.

Now, it’s true that Japan isn’t the only country that has some products that would make you wonder just what they were smoking and where can you get some.  In all fairness, I’ve tried to find things from all over the world to present to you.  It just so happens that most of them are from Japan.  Or China.  Or maybe Korea.  Can I just say “A country in Asia”?  I don’t know what the markings mean.  If anyone can differentiate for me, I’d certainly appreciate it.

In honor of 2010 Winter Olympics, I now present to you:

“Crazy Shit from Other Countries”

I’m not sure what country this gem came from, but I’ll go with Canada.  Because no American in their right mind would come up with something this bad:

I can only assume that you insert this into the rectum and out comes fun shaped poop!  Is it real?  Shit, I hope  not.

Let’s pick on Germany, because you know they try very hard to erase their racist history…

Wow.  Just wow.  Way to go, Germany.

Next up, Spain!  Spain has come up with a useful tool.  This is for the man who likes to brag about the size of his unit.  There’s really no way to skew these results:

Let’s go over to Asia.  Or the Far East.  Or “Japan”.

Ladies, do you ever feel like you’re lacking in the nipple department?  Tired of having your sister’s nipples always take over the conversation?   Well, you too can have your high beams on!  Please just make sure you line them up properly.  Crooked nipples are not what you want to be known for.

This next product concerns me for a great number of reasons.  Let’s see if you can figure them out on your own.

I was just going to let it speak for itself, but I can’t.  I have to ask #1 – do you really WANT to shave a baby?  and #2:  Are natural born carrot tops REALLY that hairy?

This next product is a beauty aid.  Everyone knows that people who are smiling are, in general, more attractive than those who don’t.  Unless the person smiling is missing their teeth or have been plagued with giant, misshapen yellow teeth.  Anyhow, you can enhance a smile with lipstick, however lipstick does not create a smile.  How do we create a smile?  Why, with the Beauty Smile Trainer, of course!

So now, you’ve had the chance to poop out shapes, eat chicken, measure the size of a dude’s schlong, insert your nipples, shave the baby and work on that fabulous smile of yours.  Sounds like the perfect day to me.  Let’s just top it off with a trip to a Japanese toy store…



Mom - Check! Multiple Sclerosis awareness fanatic - Check! Total Dork - Check!

9 thoughts on “Oh look dear! It’s…a…um… Wow.

  1. Might wanna shave the cactus toy BEFORE playing with it too…

    I wonder if you can get a discount for adding both the cactus toys with a custom-made cactus poop shaper to one shopping cart…. Maybe they’ll throw in the smile trainer for free?

  2. The poop thing is just…. eww. You’d have to scrub it afterwards. Why!?!?! Why? Why?
    I dunno about a cactus dildo…
    The smile trainer’s cool tho=)

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